GODWIN MODERN SCHOOL is  promoted and managed  by Kurseong Godwin Academic and Technical Society, Kurseong,  a registered society of public nature for educational and charitable purposes which is also a leading non-profitable organizations working for the total welfare of the people of the locality.

Kurseong Godwin Academic & Technical Society is comprised up of a Governing body 9 representatives of the teaching  profession, business and Govt. Service unions and has a membership base of around 150.It was established in the year 1992 to promote general awareness and above all promote education in the society.

A full term objective of the Kurseong Godwin Academic and Technical Society, Kurseong has been to work with the children, their families and communities, by implementing projects at the grass root levels in health, education, water and sanitation, income- generation and cross-cultural communication, actively involving local communities in setting up and implementing the project.

It  works with children at the heart of all activities,as children cannot be isolated from their family or their community. By improving the facilities and resources in where children live it intends to extend help to them and to give them their best chance of fulfilling their potential in the long-term future. So its project directly or indirectly support the children and their families.

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