Godwin Modern School offers the students in its unique opportunity to develop both mind and the body through a structured educational and distinctive co-curricular programme. Being a boarding school, the campus is self sufficient and has the facilities and opportunities for each student to excel in various spheres.

Since Kurseong experiences a pleasant climate, throughout the year the dormitories are airy and the weather conditions provide comfortable living accommodation for the children.

Living together in harmony and adjusting to the strictly structured living conditions of a student community is one of life’s great learning opportunities in itself. It has been known to develop a strong sense of independence and self confidence along with other good qualities in children exposed to boarding  life. All aspects such as food, clothes, personal hygiene and pastoral support are provided under the care of a committed team of specially trained and experienced personnel. This school places a premium on health and safety factors; hence every care is taken to provide a protective environment within the school premises. We have outsourced the services available in Kurseong so that the best health care is available to our wards.

To provide a break in the monotony and add variety to their life experience, we arrange to take the children on cross-country walks and excursions as often as possible. We arrange screening of appropriate movies in our auditorium on a weekly basis and the children have all the accessibility to Television and Internet during weekends.

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