Life in Godwin

Godwin provides comfortable separate hostel accommodation for boys and girls with spacious dormitories, round-the-clock hot water facility, assistance by “Didis” (nannys), laundry, long distance communication facilities including internet, e-mail access and above all, round -the-clock security and vigil.IMG_4357

An infirmary isolates sick children with a provision for special diet and the school nurse is accessible at all times. The dormitories for boys and girls are housed in separate buildings. They are assisted by House Matrons who are in charge of health, hygiene, house-keeping and diet, while students leaders ensure discipline and punctuality.

The friendly warmth and co-operation among peers topped by the personalized care and counsel makes Godwin truly ‘a home away from home’

:: Daily Routine

The day at Godwin begins at 5:30 a.m in the morning with a formal session of fitness training and games for every student. After this, students return to their hostels to wash and change before going in for One hour of supervised study.

Breakfast is served at 7:45 am in the morning. Classes begin at 08.20 am and run through to 12.00 pm when lunch is served. Classes again resume after a break of forty minutes and run through till 2:40 pm There are eight lessons each day. This allows each student to study each subject every day.

After school students have an opportunity to rest. At 3.30 pm students have afternoon refreshments and there are formal games for students to play and learn a wide variety of sports.

At 5:30 pm they wash and change in preparation for two hours of supervised study.

Dinner is served at 7: 30 pm afterIMG_4340 this there are more relaxed opportunities to pursue individual interests through a programme of societies and talent enrichment.

All students are to be at bed by 9:00 pm.

On Sundays, and holidays a more relaxed routine is followed but emphasis is again placed upon offering students a variety of options in a carefully supervised way. Sport often forms the basis of the day and walk trips, outside visits, and movies become a part of their off schedule.

Our students have many opportunities to broaden their education. We provide a weekly time tabled work experience programme, which encourages them to visit local villages each week to teach English to both adults and children under the supervision of our teachers.


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