Games & Sports

The school recognizes sport as an integral part of every student’s life.The sports programme has been carefully organized to cater for all of these needsDSC_0151. Each morning, students rise at 5: 30 am to undertake half an hour of physical fitness training with the opportunity for some to specialize in specific sports. During the day, younger students have Physical Education lessons in which they learn the skills required for a range of sports and games. The role of games is vital for a child’s development and in keeping with the pressing need for good games facilities. In addition to the morning P.T., which is compulsory, they get an exposure to all games but according to the students aptitude and liking. In all other games as well, we lay a lot of emphasis on attaining excellence.

In the afternoon, every student undertakes a further one and a half hour of outdoor sport activities which they themselves choose. From Foot Ball, Cricket, Badminton, Volleyball, Basket Ball.

Indoor Games such as Table Tennis, Chess & Carom are also a part of our school’s games activities.

DSC_0138It cannot be denied that sports enhances the abilities of the child and develop challenging spirits. In the age of television, computer and video games, school students are becoming highly inactive which consequently leads to obesity in their later life. Godwin Modern School believes that sports activities should be encouraged from the very early days. Sports and outdoor games play a very important part in development of a healthy and fit body. Godwin  incorporates outdoor school sports activities like cricket, soccer, lawn tennis, table tennis, swimming, volleyball, badminton etc. for Games and Sports. Physical training is  made compulsory in schools unless children are excused on medical grounds.

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